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Rejuvenate with Freedom Therapies by Jodie

Enjoy pure relaxation & rebalance your life with Jodie Connor Holistics. (Liverpool)


insight about me

 I have over 24 years experience working in the Holistic therapy business,  I pride myself on providing each client with an individually based, treatment plan. This includes a full consultation and aftercare advice with every appointment.

I use a combination of energy work including Reiki, Chakra & Aura Balancing.

And physical therapies, including, Acupressure, Aromatherapy,

  Clinical Massage and Reflexology.

I do not use pre-blended aromatherapy products, and I only use the purest oils of the highest quality. I make each individual blend with  full consultation with the client who can benefit from the use during the treatment and at home afterwards.

I can offer advice on self-care, Mindfulness, Relaxation Techniques and offer ongoing support. 

I find some clients wish to take their learning further and I offer workshops including Reiki, Safe use of essential oils, and an 8 week Holistic Well-being course

 I am trained in physical therapies such as Massage, Reflexology,  and Aromatherapy, but I focus on energy based healing, Reiki and Aura Chakra Energy work. 

I have seen over the years how by getting clients involved in their treatment through self-care, positive thinking, breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation techniques and offering ongoing support, can have a positive impact on their overall well-being. This often leads to many of them wanting to learn and do more to facilitate & expand upon this, with longer lasting and better results.

This has also led me to offer different workshops, from Reiki training, up to Master-Teacher level, Mindfulness, The safe use of essential oils at home and an 8 week Holistic Well-being course to help others begin or indeed continue their own well-being journey. 

I am passionate about helping people take control of their Health & Well-being and truly believe that by helping each person find what works for them can be both empowering and build confidence in each client.

I am a Member of The UK Reiki Association.




Jodie is very professional and experienced and we have really noticed an increase in staff wellbeing and stress reduction since Jodie has been coming. We have received really positive feedback from everyone who has had the holistic therapy and the list of people signing up keeps growing due to word of mouth in the office! We are more than happy with the service received from Jodie and we’re really glad that we found her. 

HR  Manager of a Large Multinational Banking Call Centre



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Do you find yourself suffering from stress or stress related issues?
Feel free to contact me to book your appointment with a FREE consultation. 

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