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Angel Card Readings

1 to 1 Angel Card Readings via zoom with a personal email report.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 45 British pounds
  • online session

Service Description

Intuitive Angel Card Readings with Jodie Many people have asked me what Intuitive card reading entails. Is it fortune telling? Am I psychic or a medium? Well firstly I do not consider myself a medium or psychic. I do however believe that we can energetically connect to the messages from our guides, be they Angels, Ascended Masters or our Spirit Guides. When I give a card reading, I ask each client to shuffle the cards whilst thinking of the question they wish to be answered. If it is distant reading, I ask the client to sit quietly, almost in a meditative state, whilst they think of their query and I shuffle and pick the cards for their reading. I have found that most clients intuitively pick out the cards that hold the correct message for them at that time. (Hence the name ‘Intuitive Card Readings’.) It may not always be in regards to what was asked, but it will always be something that you need to know. Often clients have been a little unsure about the meaning of their reading and then 6 months later something will happen and they have an aha moment. I feel that you get the message you need not the message that you want. It is then my job to interpret what each card means in the context of that person’s situation. I do not tell people what will be, nothing is set in stone and free will allows us to change our script over and over in our lives. Rather I offer a glimpse of what could be. Clients are welcome to record their reading for future reference, and if you have a distant reading, I will email you a written report of your reading. I hope that this has made the process a little clearer for you. If you have any questions/queries then please feel free to contact me.

Contact Details

+ 07718 723770

Huyton, Liverpool, UK

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